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Founded in 2002, Palmers took on the client base of Dataflex Services.  Since then, there has been new software development with the introduction of Windows compatible graphic user interfaces, for Vehicle Maintenance and extensive upgrades to Education, Ticketing and Stock Supply Systems. 

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Any new suggestions or requests for reports and changes is greatly appreciated which does assist in enhancing the capabilities of the software.

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Watch this space for testimonials from real clients.

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Beta Testers are always an asset to developing the system based on the changing clients needs.  To become a Beta Tester please ring us and we will setup your system to suit your requirements.  

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We are always on the go programming.   Redesigning the new website for new Mobile Platforms.  

Education has a STIOS website import which will enable you to find the pupil entering mistake errors quickly. 


  • How can I get multi-user access to software across the network?
  • How do I get a demo Version of the software?
  • Can I ring to get computer support?
  • If I have one package from you can I upgrade at no extra charge?
  • Will your software install and run in a 64bit operating system?